Candy stripes and casual jeans

I’m loving this outfit and I think you should, too!

img_1159 Can we take a minute to talk about this top? If you know me then it’s no surprise to you that I LOVE it. This top was calling my name. The shade of pink is perfect, it goes well with a variety of colors (navy, tan, olive green, gray…just to name a few) and the Flutter Sleeves add the perfect amount of  sweetness. It can be paired with a variety of things, I chose to go pretty casual and paired it with distressed denim and flats- I was going to a high school basketball game. But this top is versatile and can be worn for work, date night or casual like I have it now. It does run a little big so I sized down to make it a little less boxy. At 40% off this top is a must have for Spring and Summer!

Now these jeans, I’ve been LIVING in them. Like seriously, I can’t take them off long enough to go get them hemmed. But they’re the bomb! The wash is great, the rise is fantastic (9inch), the fit is perfect and I like the price point. I’m used to spending a little more on denim so these were a nice surprise to my bank account and my husband.

My shoes are old but I go back to them from time to time and I might have to purchase a new pair… in pink! The Crystal necklace is a great deal right now and such a staple piece to your jewelry collection. I’m surprised but I like the woven belt, it’s pretty old and wasn’t my first choice but it worked.

I know I’ve been MIA on here for 2 YEARS (I can’t believe it’s been that long!) but I’m back. I had a baby last July (baby #2) and I’m starting to feel like I (kind of) have my groove back and it’s time for a little Kristy time.

Talk to you soon!



Mom suit

In the midst of planning a family get away for Memorial Day weekend I realized we’re headed to a resort that has POOLS, yes, pools. Caleb LOVES the water, and I plan to be right by his side, splashing, having fun, making memories but that also means I’ll be surrounded by dozens of people in my swimsuit. YIKES! I need something that I can play in, I don’t want to worry about having a Janet Jackson moment in the middle of a family resort! The days of my itty bitty bikini might be behind me, I’m officially on the hunt for a “mom suit,” yep, I said it, a “MOM SUIT.” Luckily their are so many adorable options out there! I’m loving all the one pieces and high waisted bottoms and retro tops. I’ve been scouring the internet daily and found many things I love, but, since the last time I purchased a one piece was over 15 years ago and it was a speedo, I think I need to try things on. Figure out what styles work best for my mom bod.

On a recent lunch break I decided to start my hunt. I went to my local Nordstrom and tried on a few one pieces. I am no where near swimsuit ready (oy vey) I have a solid 10 pounds to lose before Hawaii but I was pleasantly surprised with the suits I tried on. I had hope!

The first suit I tried one was by Becca, it’s called the “Show & Tell” This suit was SO flattering. For not being swimsuit ready I felt like I could rock this. The detailing in the mid section really brought me in at the waist. The plunging neckline still provided enough coverage for this momma on the go. For me, this is an easy transition from a two piece. I didn’t feel like I was wearing your typical “mom suit” I still felt attractive but covered.

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 6.15.24 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 6.15.43 AM

The next suit I tried on was by Robin Piccone, called the “Mia.” A bit similar to the Becca suit but has a higher back and more coverage around the bust. I didn’t think I was going to like this one, initially I thought it would be too much coverage, going too far one direction. I was wrong. This too was VERY flattering. I felt small which is how every girl wants to feel, right?

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 6.12.14 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 6.10.38 AM

I left Nordstrom empty handed but encouraged. I may end up with one of these suits but I need to try on more. My hunt continues. I’ll keep you posted on my swimsuit search. Who knows, maybe I’ll find the perfect option for you!



Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo! What is everyone doing tonight? We’re in the middle of packing up our house so I don’t think we’ll be doing much… we have to be out by MONDAY! It’s way too soon and I’m starting to freak out. We’re moving out of our first home together, the home Caleb came home to, the only home he knows, heavy stuff! I didn’t think I would be upset because in a few short months we’ll have a brand new, semi custom home, but I’ve been sad, I’ve been emotional and I know it might get worse over the next few days. We’re moving into a temporary home which I think makes it a bit harder, I’m struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel. One thing I can say for sure is that I’m extremely happy we were able to sell our house so quick (like 36 hours), we’re building the home of our dreams, AND we have some wonderful friends that are renting a house to us for the summer. For that I feel fortunate, lucky, and shocked that our dream of a bigger/better home is actually happening. There were times when it didn’t feel like it would ever happen, but the time is NOW, we are doing it. YAY!

With all the packing, I haven’t been able to put together as many fun outfits but while I was out and about I found this gorgeous dress at Felicity Boutique . The color and embroidery is amaze and it’s so easy to wear! You don’t need a ton of accessories or layers, just throw it on and go! I thought this look was perfect for today but I know it will get a ton of wear over the next few months. I have a family trip planned to HAWAII and this will definitely be in my suitcase. It’s so light, airy, and super comfortable. Hop on over to her site and grab one for yourself before they’re all gone!

Cinco De Mayo

Since we’re in the middle of moving I don’t think we’ll get to make one of my favorite flautas/taquito dishes tonight but I thought I would share anyway. I found the recipe on Pinterest and there were definitely no pinterest fails here! They are straight up delicious! A must try. They pair perfectly with cilantro lime rice and an ice cold margarita.

flautasRecipe: Baked Chicken and Spinach Flautas

I hope you all have a fun and safe Cinco de Mayo!



Mother’s day Gift picks

With Mother’s day just around the corner, either you’re trying to figure out what to get your “#1 MOM,” or maybe giving hints to your husband and kiddos as to what you might like. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. I got this mug last year for Mother’s day and it’s still one of my favs: “You are a good mom.” And…. it just came back in stock!  Buy it before it’s gone, again! At $13 you can’t go wrong!

'That's All - You Are a Good Mom' Mug2. How perfect is this “Momma” identity necklace by Nashelle Designs. Isn’t it the sweetest ever? And they also do custom orders! LOVE! Psst this may have been on my list.

3. A bouquet of fresh flowers from your local Saturday market and brunch. What gal doesn’t like food, flowers, and mimosas?

4. If you’re wanting to go big… A handbag. You can’t go wrong. They always fit, they never make you feel fat, and they’re so fun! Who doesn’t love carrying a new accessory!

Here are just a few of the bags I’ve been eying;

'small elissa' tote'Amorous' Satchel'Marcie - Small' Leather Satchel

Kate Spade, Rebecca Minkoff (this has a Gift with purchase), Chloe

5. Plan a fun date for you and your momma, brunch, pedicures, wine tasting! Gifts are beyond sweet and much appreciated but nothing is more important than spending time with the ones you love. Making memories and showing appreciation for all that she’s done will make her swoon!



A pop of pink


Sometimes all you need is a pop of color to make a simple outfit standout!

My pink skinny jeans are by Citizens of Humanity but they’re 3 years old. Here are a few pairs that are similar: Macy’s, Zappos, Nordstrom, JCrew Factory

IMG_3098   IMG_3102

I absolutely adore a bright white top and denim jacket together! It’s so fresh! You can’t go wrong with having more than one white top, especially in the spring and summer months when you have a nice tan going. The featured denim jacket is my absolute favorite. You won’t regret purchasing it!

Denim Jacket

I purchased my white eyelet top in the store just a couple weeks ago, but it doesn’t look like they have it online. However, I have the top that I linked in the floral option and I LOVE it.

White top

This outfit is so easy to accessorize, you don’t need to go big and bold, you need something soft and sweet. Something from Nashelle Designs would be perfect! For all you moms out there, you may need to give your husband & kids a little hint for the upcoming holiday. Wink wink! =)

And like always, tag me on your outfits inspired by Luxe Mom!



Simple is stylish

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the weather man called for 79 degrees, what more could a girl ask for on a Monday? Ok, I can think of a few things but I’m feeling thankful for what I’ve got. Since I “planned to be fashionable” this week, it took me no time at all to get dressed. I felt so calm, relaxed, and organized this morning. Wouldn’t it be great to start everyday like that? Making a small change like planning your outfits for the week can make a huge difference in your everyday routine.

IMG_8295 IMG_8291 IMG_8302

I love the simplicity of this outfit. It’s true, you can be simple and still stylish! I highly recommend this navy blue dress, it’s so easy to wear, flattering, and versatile. Whether you’re a mom, single, young or old mature, this will be a great dress for you!

Shop this exact look: Dress: JCrew Factory  Shoes: Tommy Bahama Belt: JCrew Factory Cardigan: JCrew Factory

JCrew factory is having a major sale and FREE SHIPPING! You better hop on over and grab these items before their gone.

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