More than just an OOTD

You may follow me for outfit inspiration, or maybe it’s to hear about good deals, or maybe it’s just because you’re my friend, no matter what the reason, I thank you for your support and encouragement and I hope you’ll enjoy what’s ahead, I want to share more than just my OOTD. You may not know this but outside of my Instagram page I actually have my small Styled By Luxe Personal Styling Business and one of my services is styling families for pictures and events. This has easily become one of my most favorite services! Generally this service is done all online (but can be done face to face, too!). I create custom style boards for families and upon their approval they are provided with the appropriate links to buy each piece on their own.

Below you will see an example of what I do. It’s nothing crazy, they’re generally pretty clean and classic looks but they’re always created with the families personalities, budget, and style in mind.

The look you see below is one I created for my family. With Easter around the corner I figured I better get going on curating the perfect family look. Now, I may not do this exact look but it’s one I fell in love with! It all started with the navy dress and things progressed from there.

Take a look and let me know what you think in the comments section! If you like it and want to see more, let me know! I would love to start posting one a week.  Each style board will include product links to each item at the bottom of the page, however, if you’re interested in a custom style board I can do that, too! Send me a message and we can set something up!

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 8.30.24 PM

Color Scheme

Easter outfits?

The Look

Now, the details (from left to right): Navy and Pink plaid shirt, Gray Slim Chino, Navy Converse, Pink Bib Necklace, Navy Lace Midi Dress, Floral Pump, Pink Seersucker dress, Pink Mary-Janes, Mens White button-up shirt, Navy Chino, Gray Slip-on Sneakers




My morning makeup routine

Here’s a quick step-by-step process of my morning makeup routine and a few additional tidbits of information at the bottom. It takes me approximately 13 minutes to do steps 4 through 15. Adding steps 1, 2, 3 would only add about a minute.

Short update: 1 My skincare is ON SALE! Right now you can get 25% off with code: PHILOFAM The sale is at the actual retailer: PHILOSOPHY

This is what’s in my shopping cart right now:

Uplifting Miracle Worker Cream

Facial Cleanser (Love this stuff!)

Renewed Hope in a Jar (Love!)

Here’s the deal, this awesome discount is only offered at the actual retailer (which is fine by me!) BUT Nordstrom is so great about doing price adjustments, so, if you prefer to shop from Nordstrom, put these items in your shopping cart (Nordstrom links are listed below), you can scroll down and you’ll see a under “Helpful Information” a link for “QUESTIONS” (picture below). Select that and then you’ll be directed to an automated LIVE person. Tell that person about the discount offered at Philosophy and they should be good about doing a price adjustment for you.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 6.29.28 AM

NOW, onto my daily routine!

Step 1: Moisturizer: Renewed Hope in a Jar <— this is a great general product for any skin type and a moderate price point! You could also purchase this set if you’re wanting to try more of their product line: Glowing Regimen

Step 2: Eye cream: I need a new one but I like Rodan & Fields

After I apply moisturizer and eye cream I step away for a few minutes to allow the product to set in.

Step 3: Dampen my Beauty Blender

Step 4: Apply Primer with fingers. Lather on like lotion. A little goes along way IMO.

Step 5: Apply CC cream. I apply it with my fingers and then blend it with my beauty blender. I’m currently obsessed with the look this CC cream gives my skin. It’s got great coverage but not too heavy, it feels silky, it gives me a slightly dewy look and I only need one pump to cover my entire face (sometimes 1.5 pumps). I’m currently using the color “light” for when I have a spray tan but need to purchase FAIR for when I’m not tan.

Side note: Occasionally I like a more full coverage foundation, when that’s the case I use Fenty and it’s AMAZE-BALLS! Like, I love it. However, I have heard it works best when you use the Fenty primer, so, I do that!

Step 6: Cover the dark circles. I use an under eye corrector. This is a new product to me but I’ve really like it thus far! I apply the product with my fingers and blend out with my BB. I use No. 2. Also, there’s currently a free gift with purchase so take advantage of that!

Step 7: Contour Concealer. This is fan favorite, actually my CC cream and concealer are probably the two products I’ve heard talked about most by hundreds of people. I apply my concealer under my eyes, on my chin, that V on my forehead between my eyebrows, and down the top of my nose. If you’re using your concealer to brighten and highlight be sure to go at least a shade lighter than your skin tone. This will allow for that young youthful look! I’m currently using light sand. There’s a free gift with this, too!

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 8.29.01 AM

Step 8: Eyes. I no longer apply paint pots (unless I’m really taking my time). I apply the shadow directly to my lid. I use Brûlé over my entire eye lid and then apply Soft Brown to my crease and upper lid. Then I apply my eyeliner (Rich Experience or Teddy). I line the top and bottom. I smudge it slightly on top and bottom and then apply Embark shadow to the outer corner and crease of my eye to give a slightly smokey look. If I have an extra minute I will also highlight along my brow line with Nylon.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 7.58.37 AM.png

Step 9: Powder my face. I try not to go too heavy but sometimes I need a little more coverage! Full coverage. Sheer to medium coverage.

Step 10: Bronzer. OBSESSED with this bronzer you guys! It smells like chocolate, it’s infused with antioxidant-rich cocoa powder. Not only is the color great but you’ll enjoy putting this on! I use color: Chocolate Soleil Medium/Deep Matte Bronzer. Free gift with purchase, right now!

Step 11: I’ve used this BLUSH forever! Like forever. I have others but I always go back to this one. I feel like it looks good with my fair skin and looks even better when I’ve got a bronze glow. Color: Gleeful

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 8.04.44 AM.png

Step 12: Mascara. I have two favorites right now! Both the same brand and both really really good! This might take me the longest to apply because I generally go for a heavier mascara look. Haute N Naughty. Extreme Dimension. My favorite time to buy mascara is during Mascara Madness at Nordstrom (buy 2 get 1 free) but I think the next time they do that is in May.

Step 13: Define eye brows by using this brow pencil. I then comb through my brows to give them a more natural soft look. I’ve used brow sculpt and I do not care for the wax feeling and I feel like it pulls out my eyebrow lashes.

Step 14: With Soft & Gentle I {lightly} highlight my cheekbones. This will last you a VERY long time!

Step 15: Finalize it all with a setting spray. Before I purchased the larger bottle I got the travel size to see what I thought. I think that’s the best way to try something out AND the travel size lasted me quite a while.

Other random information that you may or may not want to know:

Do I wash my face every night? Heck no. I’m terrible about this! I wish I was better! Mainly because it feels so good to wake up with a fresh clean face. And, I’m always worried I’m going to get makeup on my white duvet cover. #truth

Why I don’t: I get too tired and I strongly dislike washing my face over the sink (it makes such a mess!) I feel like I may as well hop in the shower! And before you tell me about towelettes, I really don’t like them. The ones I’ve used do not leave my face feeling clean what so ever!

So, I obviously don’t have a nighttime regimen. If I do wash my face I use various PM creams. I’ve used Rodan & Fields, Kiehls, and Philosophy. I haven’t used any product regularly so I can’t really give any recommendations. Sorry!

So, let’s quickly talk about my morning routine.

I wash my face in the shower and regularly use Philosophy Purity one-step facial cleanser. It’s gentle on my skin and washes away almost all my makeup. Every few days I use the Philosophy Microdelivery exfoliating facial wash in place of the purity one-step facial cleanser. Why use an exfoliating facial scrub? To get a natural glow of course! And to gently polish and scrub away impurities and the buildup of dead skin cells. Immediately following the shower I use my drugstore brand eye-makeup remover to gently remove any lasts bits of my mascara and eyeliner and then lather on my daily moisturizer and eye cream (product info at the top).

Other ways I try to keep my skin healthy…. I TRY to drink a gallon of water a day. Sometimes it happens and others it doesn’t. I used to be so GOOD at this. I need get back at it! I enjoy a glass of lemon water in the morning. When I do those two things I can greatly see a difference in my skin and I feel like it’s less necessary to have a strict beauty regimen. But that’s just my opinion.

Message me on here or Intsa if you have any questions.



Gift Guide for Her

Kind of a hodgepodge of things but all things I LOVE and think would make for great gifts.

Before you take a peak I also wanted to let you know the LOFT is have a 50% Site wide sale with FREE SHIPPING! Be sure to the check that out and if you need suggestions on what to get DM me on FB or Insta! I’m here to help!

OOOOOO and Abercrombie is having a mega sale, too! 50% off entire store and only $5 shipping to get it by Christmas!


Starting from the top and working my way down.

  1. I always love receiving a new pair of workout pants. This particular pair is high-rise (LOVE) and the length is called 7/8th’s, they hit at that sweet spot, not to the ankle but not cropped (LOVE LOVE!). I almost forgot to mention, they come in regular, tall, petite and plus, so, they literally have a size for every-BODY. I linked a newer version above but I also really like this one.
  2. I just this track jacket is the cutest! Layer it up with a vest for these colder months but wear it with just a cute workout top in the Spring!
  3. Seriously, the cutest water bottle! This is the kind of thing I wouldn’t’ just randomly buy for myself. That’s why I put it on my wish-list.
  4. Gimme all the pink things! Like this cute workout top!
  5. I really want to take better pictures but I also need a camera that will fit in my handbag, has WIFI, and is super easy to use. I’ve heard this camera would be great and check all things off my list. It also comes with a 50MM power zoom lens.  A great addition to this gift would be a photo-editing software called lightroom.
  6. The cutest pink Adidas Shoes (I’m a 6.5). I’ve heard these (unlike their superstars) run TTS and are great. I’m not sure how they’ll stand up to my training sessions (they’re a running shoe) but if anything I would like them just to wear.
  7. Super cute phone cases. This is something else I don’t just go out and buy so a new phone case in my stocking would be excellent!
  8. This Kate Spade handbag is gorgeous and would make for a great everyday bag! Not only will you want to use it everyday, it will hold up to everyday use! It comes in 3 great colors; black, pink and hazel (tan) and I really like the size. I’m also loving this Tory Burch bag (not pictured, small linked but I think the larger would be great, too).
  9. So this is one of my dream bags… one of them. I’ve wanted this bag for years. It comes in 6 great colors and can easily be dressed up or down. This wouldn’t be a wish-list if I didn’t add a few things that were out of my league. Other dream bags you ask… a Louis Vuitton, Chanel or even a YSL bag. You know, just to name a few.
  10. As I get older (can’t believe I just said that), I swear I appreciate cozier things even more and this cardi looks like something I would want to live in. I also know this is a great brand and the fabric truly is so soft and cozy. I also like that I can still look put together while being in my lounge wear.
  11. I need to get rid of some baggy sweats and invest in something cute loungewear leggings that make me look good and feel good while still being super cozy. I also like that these aren’t your typical black but they also aren’t some crazy color and how cute would they look with the cardi. Cute and cozy! You guys, I seriously still wear my husbands sweatpants from time to time. Does anyone else do that?
  12. I just really like this sweatshirt. Do I need an explanation? They also have a brunette one! Oh and super cute matching sweatpants! Ok, same brand but I really love this BOSS BABE sweatshirt!!! LOVE!
  13. So these jeans, I really love them! I have a similar style in black and I wear them 24/7. Check my Instagram, you’ll see them in about every other picture or so! Super great quality, love the fit even for my curvy body! And this particular wash is just what I’ve been looking for! Maybe Mother Denim isn’t in your price point, I bet these are! SO CUTE and under $50!
  14. So, I’ve never had nice looking luggage, just super practical luggage. I’ve heard that this stuff is great quality, cleans easily with a magic eraser and is super chic! And now that it’s on sale it’s far more affordable! I think this makes for a great gift on it’s own but would also be a great way to gift a getaway. Include an itinerary inside the suitcase!
  15. The cutest little house slippers! Love that I already have these! They come in three great colors. I have the lavender. I think these would be great for any lady no matter where she lives. They’re not your typical warm UGG slipper. They do have the sherpa footbed but other than that they’re pretty light. They only come in whole sizes. My recommendation would be to size down.
  16. Love these slippers, especially the little pom detail. You can also fold down the sides for a different look. Love the chestnut color but it comes in other options as well. You can also get them here. I also really like this pair (not pictured)
  17. I almost forgot those heels! I don’t know about you but I’m in desperate need of some basic heels and I think these ones are great! The nude pair is on SALE and all sizes are available. The heel height is perfect, not too tall but not too short. Believe it or not but I do not have a great black heel, so, I searched for something simple that would go great with a variety of outfits. This one is NOT pictured but I LOVE it!! The block heel and the V at the toe line is PERFECT.

I also thinks the Amazon Echo Device would be super cool. I had a friend telling me about it over the weekend and it just seems like something my husband and I would both enjoy! New bedding is also at the top of my list for things I want! Small things I would love, a new planner, in this coming year I want to see my business thrive and I want my personal and work life to be more organized, I think a cute planner could help me achieve that.

I think that sums up my ideas for now! Let me know what you think! To see more ideas for stocking stuffers and “Gifts for Him” just keep scrolling down! Happy Wednesday!

Stocking stuffers for Her

Stocking stuffers for her

Hair-Ties (Doesn’t crimp hair and helps prevent split ends), No-Show socks (love these for workouts), RX Bars (a healthy treat!), Beauty Blender (I’ve been using this one for about a month and a half and I really love it!, Mascara (been using this mascara for years and LOVE it!), Travel Size Glowing Regimen (I think this product works great!), Her favorite perfume (I love the one I have linked but I know there are so many good ones out there!), Compact mirror with LED lights (I’m hoping this comes in my stocking! It’s under $15!), Sunnies (under $155under $25), Lip Exfoliator, Best.Lip.Gloss.EVER (I can’t link the gloss but I can get you in contact with a sales person, LMK), Key chain (option 1, option 2) I think both are cute but I think I’m hoping for option 2 since I already have option 1 in a another color, Initial necklace (definitely a good idea! Do her initial or her child’s initial! So thoughtful!), the cutest year-round slippers (Definitely on my wish-list, I think they’re SO cute!), coffee mug (I love these coffee mugs!), her favorite coffee or tea (FYI this tea sound delicious!), and of course what female wouldn’t love a fun wine stopper (while you’re at it, include a bottle of her favorite wine).

I always love to receive a coffee card to my favorite coffee shop, lottery tickets (one of these days I’m going to win!) and a gift certificate for a pedicure.

Let me know if these ideas are helpful by commenting below!

Men’s Gift Guide- Round 1

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite gifts that I plan to give or have already given to the men in my life. Take a look!

Mens gift guide round 1

1, Cold Weather Running Shirt 2. Wireless Headphones –High EndUnder $50– 3. Apple Watch 4. Beanie 5. Running Shoes 6. Slippers 7. Down Vest 8. Personalized Wallet 9. Matte Black Watch 10. High End Jeans  Great value jeans– Under $40!-11. Casual Button-Down Shirt 12. Etip Gloves 13. Mens Skin Care 14. Lip Balm 15. Shoes 16. Cologne

Additional items not included but would be great in a stocking:
Chocolate covered espresso beans. Lottery Tickets. Mini bottles of alcohol. Tickets to their favorite sporting event. A coffee tumbler with a gift certificate to their favorite coffee shop. A flash light for the car.

If you know me at all than you know I love to give gifts but not just any gift, I like to give gifts that flow and make sense more like a package of things. I could never give a coffee tumbler with out a gift certificate to a coffee shop. So, as you plan what to give people think about making it a complete gift. Are you planning to give tickets to a sporting event? Include a team shirt. Like I mentioned in the gift guide, give the man in your life a travel set and include a night away to your favorite spot. I love giving gifts that also include an experience because really, that’s what life is about! Having experiences and making memories!

Cyber Monday Sales

Had to do another update… There are so many crazy good sales going on right now. It’s definitely keeping me on my toes.

Let’s start from left to right…

Pic 1. You can get my ivory sweater for $20!!! Right now. Crazy, right? And ships FREE!

Pic 2. You can get my skirt and sweater together for $36! And ships FREE. Like seriously, it’s a steal of a deal. Check it out!

Pic 3. My leopard cardi is UNDER $18, pink sweater is under $30 and the necklace is under $20! You guys these deals are crazy good!

This dress… there are only a few left in stock. You can get it for under $30!!

This track jacket is literally under on sale for $14.99, regular price $44! The sports bra is $9.99! The Adidas top is regular price but it’s super cute and completes the look. With this look I would pair one of my favorite work out pants that is also 20% off today. This company literally only puts their stuff on sale like twice a year. So this is huge!

Ok HURRY! Click HERE my wool coat that I wear ALL the time is under $100 for Cyber Monday and it ships FREE with code CYBER. You guys, it comes in 6 other colors and petite sizes so there’s something for everyone. Seriously I’ve never seen it priced this low, you have to check it out! Here are some of my other favorite pieces for men and women. ALL 60% off! CRAZY GOODNESS! Links are listed below. To make this deal even sweeter, use code GIFTFACTORY for an additional 20% OFF your $100 purchase! BAM! Doesn’t get much better than that! 23897319_2120469457967039_1032715384_o

WOMENS: City Coat, Vail Parka, Marled Snood, Faux Fur Pom Hat, Faux Fur Earmuffs , Utility Jacket,  High-Rise Skinny, Slim-Boyfriend Jean, Velvet Peplum, Crystal Necklace, Mixed stone Collar necklace, Wool Skirt, Tartan top, Velvet mini skirt, Chambray shirt, Pumps, Denim Jacket

Mens: Cashmere sweater, Dress Shirt, V-Neck Sweater, Plaid shirt #1, Plaid Shirt #2, Cords, Chino in an Athletic Fit

Other sales today:

Anthropologie– 20% Off Full-Price items. Free Shipping on orders over $100

Bedding. That’s what I think I might buy at Anthropologie, along with small gifts like coffee mugs and fun but special stocking stuffers.

Target: Extra 15% Off today! That’s on top of the Cyber Monday sales going on. Free Shipping!

Loft– 50% Off everything and free shipping on any order. Use code: CLICK

Well, you all know I own a million pieces from the Loft. Look at my insta pics for inspo because a lot of my stuff is from the Loft. Like that new chunky white sweater and I ordered the pink fuzzy sweatshirt that looks so insanely soft!

Ann Taylor– 50% Off Everything and Free Shipping with code: BESTMONDAY

Umm hello! You can get my puff sleeve sweatshirt now! Such a steal at under $30! Not to mention Ann Taylor has a bunch of other cute stuff. I love their blouses.

Madewell– 25% Off your purchase with code: GOODMOOD.

Things to consider purchasing at Madewell: The leather tote. Buy this for yourself or buy it for a friend. I just suggest getting it. Make it extra personal by getting it monogrammed.  Madewell is definitely my go-to for denim right now so I would take a peak at their selection. You’ll never see prices this low.

DSW– 25% Off your purchase with code: HOLIDAY2017 <– This is a crazy good deal! The most I’ve seen them do is 20%!

Amazon– Deals going and changing all day! Check it out!

Nordstrom: Additional 20% off select sale items

Bloomingdales: 25% Off a large selection of items and free shipping!

Athleta: 20% Off your purchase. Go buy my favorite workout pants!

Gap: 50% Off EVERYTHING! And they just added new products!

Old Navy: 50% Off Everything! No exclusions!

Banana Republic: 50% Off Everything! No exclusions!

Macys: Various deals. Like buy 1 get 1 free shoes! HOLY MOLY! Or Diamond stud earrings  (1/2ct. t.w.) for $179, regular price $750. 60% off women’s coats!

Pottery Barn Kids: Last day for 20% Off + Free Shipping on your order. Use code: UNWRAP. Savings up to 70% across all of their brands! If you’re looking for a gift, I highly suggest this bean bag from PBK. My daughter has it and both kids LOVE it!

Pottery Barn: So many deals! Check it out!

West Elm: So many deals! AND Free shipping with code: FREERIDE (excludes furniture and rugs)

Steve Madden: 35% Off your purchase and free shipping!

Express: 50% Off everything and free shipping. Online only!


My closet is on sale

So listed below is a round-up of a lot of things I currently own that are on mega sale! Take a peak and links are listed below! Most sales end TODAY! Happy Sunday!

My closet on sale

Shop these items: Workout pants, Puff sleeve sweater, Ivory sweater, Pink sweater, infinity scarf, Sports Bra, Leopard Cardigan, Leopard sweater, Leather Loafer, Wool Coat,  Leopard Heel, Leather Handbag, Wool Skirt, Pink velvet heels, Pink heels, Bootcut cropped jean, Skinny jeans, Coffee mug